Product Description

Part fine art, part soft light, Light Forms are the newest creation from Natural Forms. Each is a replica of an original table-top sculpture by Jim, cast in a translucent lucite material. By day a Light Form makes an elegant addition to your table, shelf, mantle, or any other location you might display art. But by night, you flip the switch and the piece glows from within, revealing its true beauty. A lit light form can be used as an accent light, a night light, or as a replacement for candles anywhere you want soft, romantic light.

Each Light Form is powered by a rechargeable battery in the base that can run the LED light for up to 8 hours of cordless illumination, and can then be recharged using the included power cord.

I carved this piece originally in Belgian black marble many years ago. Before selling it, I made a mold from which I can cast versions in bronze and plaster. Inquire about prices and availability.